LLM Bar Takers and Retakers
LLM Bar Takers and Retakers


LLMs and Retakers,
you can dramatically raise
your UBE scores with our short courses
on the MPT, the MBE, and
the Essays. We are the MPT Systems Specialists.
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MPT, MBE, and Essay Courses

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Two Foreign-trained Lawyers Review Bar Exam Essays

LLM Exam Takers and
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Performance Test (MPT)

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Unique Study Systems

In addition to devising the MPT-Matrix™ system for common law office tasks and the Under-Here-Therefore™ legal writing system, Dr. Gallagher has developed new methodologies for raising bar candidates’ scores on the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) and for increasing efficiency in accomplishing common law-office tasks.

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1-on-1 Tutoring

The aim of BarWrite® bar exam tutoring is to support you in planning effective daily and long-term study schedules and help you learn the law and analytic skills you need for the bar exam.


“Passing the NY bar would not have been possible without Dr. Gallagher’s support and experience. The BarWrite® courses reminded me of how important it is to know the basic legal concepts and terms by heart in order to analyze any complex legal issue in a very limited period of time and feel confident while doing that. Ms. Gallagher’s techniques, when applied under her guidance and with discipline, pave the wave for success in the NY bar exam. A foreign-trained LL.M. would not ask for more than that!”

– Tugce Ugurlu, Turkish lawyer, LLM Stanford Law School, Passed the July 2013 New York bar exam

Tugce Ugurlu