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LLM Bar Takers and Retakers


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MPT, MBE, and Essay Courses to dramatically raise your UBE scores

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Two Foreign-trained Lawyers Review Bar Exam Essays to dramatically raise UBE scores

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Foreign-Trained Lawyers

Students read rules of law to dramatically raise UBE scores

Performance Test (MPT)

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Unique Study Systems

In addition to devising the MPT-Matrix™ system for common law office tasks and the MPT, and the Under-Here-Therefore™ legal writing system for the essays, Dr. Gallagher has developed other new methodologies. One helps bar candidates raise their scores on the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE). You can dramatically raise your UBE scores.
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1-on-1 Tutoring

The aim of BarWrite® bar exam tutoring is to support you in planning effective daily and long-term study schedules. Our tutoring aims to  help you learn the law and analytic skills you need for the bar exam.


“Students and faculty who attended Dr. Gallagher’s MPT boot camp at Thurgood Marshall unanimously agreed that was an excellent workshop, and her well-conceived protocol provides a realistic chance to perform competitively on the MPT.”

– Dean and Professor of Law Dannye Holley, Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Houston, Texas

Dean and Professor of Law Dannye Holley