What Was on the July 2012 NY Bar Exam?

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Many thanks to the BarWrite® Scholars who looked up in dazed
exhaustion on the Tuesday night of the New York bar exam
in July and said to themselves, “I’ve got to let Dr. Gallagher
know what was on the bar exam!” Thank you! Looks like our
courses, both the 10-Day Coaching Group
and the boot camps, hit another home run! If you would
lto understand those essays better, enroll in our New York
July 2012 Essay Analysis Webinar on January 9, 2013. A great way
to start the New Year!

The number of World Cup Rules was phenomenal. It is almost incredible.
If candidates memorized the World cup Rules that we teach in the
10-Day Coaching Group  and the boot camps, and then presented
their essays in the format BarWrite teaches and they did careful
Element-Fact analysis, they did a good job on the New York essays.

Following is the most exhaustive list I received, including
both the New York essays and the
New York multiple choice. I added in a rule here and there that
I received from other students. Cheers for the World Cup Rules! Caveat.
I have not seen the questions, I don’t even know what the fact patterns were,
and so I hold no brief for the legal judgments here. This list is “as is.”

In various essays: Motion to Dismiss, Motion for Summary Judgment, Motion to Suppress

Essay 1
Risk of loss
Joint tenancy
Duly recorded deed/Recording of conveyance
Tenancy in Common

Essay 2
Divorce Residency requirement
Irretrievable Breakdown of the Marriage Ground
Marital Property
Separate Property
Long-Arm Jurisdiction

Essay 3
4th Amendment- Unreasonable search and seizure
Exception: Shopowner
Consent search
Fruit of the Poisonous Tree
Motion to Suppress
Shoplifting/petit larceny
Grand larceny
Evidence – common scheme or plan
Prior bad actions/2 convictions
Job termination for falsifying records
Cross-examination of defendant
False arrest
Motion to Dismis

Essay 4
Res Ipsa Loquitor
3 categories of prior statements defined as not Hearsay
Admission/Present sense impression
Pain and Suffering
Forum Non Conveniens –apply State X law in NY or not.

Essay 5
Execution of a Will
Net estate
In Terrorem Clause
Intestacy rights
Interested Witness
Professional Responsibility – Counsel also beneficiary in the will

New York Multiple Choice
Self-settled trust
Number of Jurors in a Civil Action – 6
Treasury shares/Stock without par value
Distribution of Partnership Assets
Month to Month Periodic Tenancy
Difference between 1st Degree Murder and 2nd Degree Felony Murder
Specific Performance
Medical Malpractice statute of limitations 2 1/2 years
Service of Process – made to a neighbor who then gave summons and complaint to defendant
Statute of limitations – toll for minors, in this scenario there was a 17 yr-old who purchased a
car and returned it to the dealer when he turned 18 yrs
Time lime limits for serving a answer
Joint and several liability, Art. 16
Appeals as of Right to the Court of Appeals
Grave injury/serious injury  – I think it was a no fault claim/automobile accident
Punitive damages
Matrimonial actions- what type of case can be heard by a jury and what type of case does a court decide
Arbitration clause – dispute falls within the scope of the arbitration clause, but if not can the court intervene and stop the arbitration?


So that’s the report from BarWrite®. We at BarWrite did our part, giving you
the World Cup Rules to memorize and lots of practice applying legal analysis,
both in the 10-Day Coaching Group and the boot camps, The rest is up to all of you!

Go team!

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