What Was On the July 2013 New York Bar Exam Essays?

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On the July 2013 New York essays, BarWrite®'s predictions rocked, again! Our World Cup Rules were all over the July 2013 New York bar exam.

Here is a report from one student, lightly edited, with permission. I have added comments in all caps. I have not seen the exam, so all I can say is that this report agrees with numbers of other reports. Tell your friends about BarWrite®!


Thank you, Dr. Gallagher,

The essays today covered a good many of the World Cup rules!

The first was a domestic relations essay (separate property,
marital property, equitable distribution, increase in value/contribution
to spouse's career, with tenancy by the entirety (severance, where
only one spouse took out a mortgage, secretly). ALL WORLD CUP RULES.
There was an adoption issue.

I don't remember the order, but another essay was Criminal law with
robbery (glad I memorized all 3 degrees), larceny, justification, attempt
(to receive stolen goods) and I also found legal and factual impossibility.
Diamond rings said to be stolen but were neither diamond nor stolen.
Also duty to retreat. ATTEMPT WAS A WORLD CUP RULE.

Another essay was Corporations and Contracts with a professional
responsibility issue (conflict and more, but I only got to the conflict issue).
There was the interested director transaction, usurping of corporate opportunity,
shareholder derivative action, buyer's remedy on receipt of non-conforming
goods (accept, reject, accept conforming reject non conforming), and the
buyer's remedy to "cover." ALL WORLD CUP RULES. I believe there may have
been some partnership issues. There may have been piercing the corporate
veil (I added it given the officer's conduct but wasn't entirely confident about it).

There was torts–huge strict liability issues! BIG WORLD CUP RULES. as well as
some New York Practice (CPLR) Almost all of them in the World Cup Rules–theories
of strict liability, strict products liability, defective product, liability of seller,
definitions for design defect, failure to warn and even manufacturing defect.
ALL WORLD CUP RULES. There was a contribution issue on joint and several liability.
Negligence. I think I saw a worker's comp issue since it was the employer in
negligence and an at work injury, I put it down but wasn't exactly sure.
WORLD CUP RULES. Also statute of limitations for negligence, strict liability and contribution.

Another essay was, the last I think, was Wills and something else. Lapse/Anti-Lapse issues,
testamentary substitutes (around insurance for a gift of a car that had been damaged
prior to  the testator's death). I saw ademption (not sure about it), intestacy for a pre-termitted
child, a joint bank account with right of survivorship between father and son, where the sole
purpose of the account was to care for the father in illness. ALL WORLD CUP RULES.

No question the WC Rules were all over the essays today.

Oh! lots of CPLR on the 50 NY multiple choice, as well as criminal procedure mortgages (priority)
and some agency and conflicts sprinkled in.


In sum, the BarWrite®'s World Cup Rules were all over the essays. If you memorized the World Cup Rules and knew how to apply them, and you kept control of your time, you did well on the essays. People ask me what my predictions are, and I say, My class is my predictions.

Tell your friends about BarWrite®! Don't keep BarWrite a secret.

Wishing you all the greatest success,



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