About Mary Campbell Gallagher, J.D., (Harvard) Ph.D.:

Dr. Gallagher’s Calendar

BarWrite’s founder and president, Mary Campbell Gallagher, J.D. (Harvard), Ph.D., literally wrote the book for preparing for the bar exam. Her books are Perform Your Best on the Bar Exam Performance Test (MPT) and Scoring High on Bar Exam Essays. She was trained as a lawyer at Harvard and as a theoretical linguist at the University of Illinois. She frequently presents papers at conferences on legal writing.

Dr. Gallagher’s Calendar includes CLE courses, courses in law schools, and BarWrite’s bar-preparation courses. See video of Dr. Gallagher in action.

Dr. Gallagher’s experience in curriculum and textbook design includes writing texts for the English Project at the University of Illinois. There, she contributed to the Curriculum Reform Movement. She has studied French, German, and ancient languages. Her reports at meetings of the American Association of Law Schools and the Global Legal Skills Conference on differences between university examinations in Common Law and Civil Law countries have elicited particular interest. She has completed the course in French law at the French Institute/Alliance Francaise in New York.

Dr. Gallagher’s essays and reviews are widely published. Her New Criterion review of Salvatore Settis, If Venice Dies, appeared in March 2017. Her work has also appeared in The Weekly Standard, The New York Observer, The Nation, and Legal Times. She has also published in the New York State Bar Association Journal, the National Jurist, and Student Lawyer. She is a professional speaker, and she has served on the Board of Directors of the National Speakers Association New York City Chapter, which awarded her its highest honor.

Dr. Gallagher’s Education and Professional Activities

Dr. Gallagher is a graduate of Barnard College, which awarded her the Montague Prize for distinction in philosophy. She also attended St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland, on whose Board of Visitors and Governors she has served.

Dr. Gallagher passed the New York bar examination in July of 1989 and the California bar examination in 1981. Dr. Gallagher is a member of the Massachusetts and District of Columbia bars. She is a member of the Committee on the Bar Examination and Admission to the Legal Profession of the New York State Bar Association. She is president of the International Coalition for the Preservation of Paris (ICPP).

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Dr. Gallagher's calendar is usually full.

Dr. Gallagher’s Calendar

Saturday, June 3, 2017, 8:45am, New York, NY
10-Day Uniform Bar Exam Intensive begins. Info.

Sunday, June 4, 2017, 8:45am, New York, NY
2-Day MPT Crash Course begins. Info.

Monday, June 19, 2017, 9am, New York, NY
4-Day BAR Camp, for MPT and Essays, begins.