foreign-trained attorneys praise BarWriteFOREIGN-TRAINED ATTORNEYS AND LLMs PRAISE BARWRITE®

“With BarWrite®, first of all, I learned how to memorize information fast, how to think fast, and how to save my precious time on the bar exam. Dr. Gallagher provided us with law formulas, which I could easily understand and memorize, without wasting my time translating them into my native language, which is very important for foreign-trained attorneys. BarWrite taught me how to resolve the bar exam questions under time pressure. I highly recommend it.”

— Julia Greenberg
(Member, New York Bar) (Belarusian attorney)


What I liked best in the MPT training was the GRID/MATRIX system. It worked for me. Another thing I liked was doing the real practice during the class.

— Sinyeon Kee
(Passed July 2007) (South Korean attorney)


I liked the hardline, no nonsense, ‘reality check’ approach. Thus, we were pushed to speed up our time and give it our best shot.

— Gizelle Watkins
(Passed July 2007) (London Metropolitan University)


I liked learning the rules of law. In addition, I liked that we wrote and practiced the essays.

— Olivier Wolf
(Paris I, France)  (Member, New York Bar)


“At first I was surprised when Dr. Gallagher calls on students in class to recite the laws — the “World Cup Rules” as we call it — which I don’t think has ever happened in other bar review courses. As a result of this exercise (and a lot of hard work), I was able to write down the World Cup Rules in every essay (yes, every essay I had tested two or more World Cup Rules) without even trying to think of them. And I passed the bar! Just follow Dr. Gallagher’s methods and work hard, and you will be amazed at how much you will have learned in a 10-day course.”

— Ming Lee Leung
(Chinese attorney) (Passed February 2010 New York bar exam)


I enjoyed the class enormously. The memorization and the explanations of certain areas of law like corporations and UCC Sales.”

— Cyril F. Kudiabor
(Member, New York Bar) (Kent University, U.K.)


“As a foreign trained attorney who had only prepared 8 weeks prior to the exam, I found the BarWrite essay course incredibly useful.

“Dr Gallagher takes the mass of information studied and teaches her students how to apply it effectively in essays. Her course assists in developing both the substantive legal knowledge and also the essay writing technique. As a result, I knew when I walked into the exam that I had a good working knowledge of the areas that are actually tested.

I found that the BarWrite course also assisted me in the MBE portion of the exam, for which I scored 141 out of 200.

— Christina Valentine
(Australian solicitor) (Member, New York Bar)



“Because of the BarWrite 10-Day School I passed the New York State Bar exam. I have had other preparatory courses but none helped much to write the essays. Because of Dr. Gallagher’s methodology of writing essays and making correct answer choices on the MBE, I was able to finish all the essays in time without missing any rule of law and get a good hold on the MBE as well. In addition, I wish to say that I have never ever learned so many rules of law and memorized them. By the end of the program, I could recite these never-ending rules without any difficulty. Dr. Gallagher gave me THE MOMENT of my life and my family and I will always be proud. Thank you Dr. Gallagher.”

— Ajay Singh
(U. Delhi law graduate) (Passed February 2010 bar exam)


I liked the intensive practice of outlines, the variety of topics of the essays, and the materials that you distributed. The method to address essay questions, the outline method and Under-Here-Therefore™.”

— Humberto Allemant
(Passed July 2007) (Peruvian attorney)


“I liked doing the outlines, and I noticed a marked improvement in my outlining and approach, as a result of your hands-on method of teaching.”

–Adejoke Babington-Ashaye
(Member, New York Bar)
(London School of Economics; University of Buckingham, U.K.)


I enjoyed the class enormously. I liked the memorization and the explanations of certain areas of law like corporations and UCC Sales.”

— Cyril F. Kudiabor
(Member, New York Bar) (Kent University, U.K.)


“Thank you for the exceptional course you gave regarding essay writing. I can only praise your course and recommended it to everyone who was not as fortunate as I was.

“Many thanks for your dedication in helping prospective lawyers.”

— Olivier V. Nolens
(Passed July 2007) (Belgian attorney)


What I liked best in the MPT training was the MPT Matrix(TM) system. It worked for me. In addition, I liked to do the real practice during the class.

— Sinyeon Kee
(Passed July 2007) (Pace LL.M, South Korean university)


“I write to extend my gratitude and overwhelming thanks for your assistance last February in preparing for the essay portion of the exam. There is no doubt in my mind that the three-day essay boot camp was the x-factor: almost every topic we covered in those three days showed up on the exam. But more importantly, because of the ridiculous amount of black letter law stored away in my short-term memory—MORE LAW!, MORE LAW!—I was able to recall on demand (combined with the clear essay structure you taught us) gave me confidence even when I was unsure of the answer (i.e. property question–I gulped when I saw it).”

“Again, kudos for a superb course, and while I can say I wish I had taken you two years earlier, I am grateful to have stumbled across your program when it was needed most.”

Many thanks and best regards,”

— Michael Burdei
(English solicitor) (Passed February 2010 bar exam)


“The bar exam not only tests your knowledge of the law but also your time-management skills. I am a foreign trained attorney who speaks English as a second language, and as a consequence it was harder to convey all my knowledge of the law in the required time. Thanks to God I found BarWrite, Dr. Gallagher taught me that there are techniques on how to improve time management skills. I was never taught those techniques in law school. With Dr. Gallagher’s techniques I not only had time to respond to each question, but I had plenty of time to review my responses. Thanks Dr. Gallagher for sharing your writing techniques with me. “

— Gina Redrovan
(Ecuadorian attorney) (Passed February 2010 bar exam)


“I have two little boys, a busy husband and no relatives close by. I tried to study as hard as possible- at night, when the kids were asleep. As a practicing attorney before I had a family , I loved my job as a lawyer. This made me wake up every morning and study. I did not pass the first time by a small number of points, the second time my result was even worse. Then I found this course online, nobody told me about it. It was affordable for me; it was right before the exam. I spent four days in an atmosphere of complete concentration on the exam, its timing and how to get a passing score.

I followed all recommendations Ms. Gallagher gave us. The boot camp was so beneficial; every single minute was a treasure. I did not have a time to call my kids, because I had to memorize the law, which Ms. Gallagher is going to question us when we enter to room after lunch. As foreign attorneys, we already know the law, but the structure Ms. Gallagher gives is what helped me pass the bar exam. Under the pressure of the exam I was missing words, simple words and I would just stare at an empty spot to remember it. In such a pressure I was able to finish on time, the both days of the exam, I kind of liked MPT and wrote a nice brief. It was because of Ms. Gallagher. We have practiced all during that amazing boot camp. Thank you once again!”

— Stefka Stoyanova
(Passed February 2010 bar exam) (Sofia University, Bulgaria)


As a foreign trained attorney taking the NY bar exam could be challenging. However, it is achievable. I took the one-day essay boot camp of BarWrite and as a result, I had all I needed to gain the extra points needed to cross the 665 NY Rubicon. BarWrite’s “Under-Here-Therefore” essay style writing and time management techniques are simply the key to success on the NY essays.

— Adedayo Sotinwa
(Nigerian-trained attorney) (Member, New York Bar)


“I PASSED!!! Thank you so much for all your help. BarWrite was the best course I could possibly have taken to prepare. The memorization was not only accurate in terms of subject matter, but so helpful when it came to writing my essays within the time constraints. “

“Thank you SO MUCH!”

— Fiona Finlay-Hunt
(Passed July 2009 bar exam) (English solicitor)


“Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful guidance and personalized attention that helped me to pass the New York Bar. I can barely express my feelings in words here. However, I would just state that your method of preparing students for the Bar examination is simply unparalleled. I haven’t heard of any course where such a personalized and professional guidance is given to one and all students. Your unique Under-Here-Therefore™ method and World Cup of Memorization™ are simply the winning tools that distinguish BarWrite® from all other bar review courses.

When I came out of examination hall on the second day after writing the bar exam, I knew I had conquered it. I was so very confident having practiced your Under-Here-Therefore™ method multiple times in class that it made the analysis so very easy on the exam. Your regular emphasis on memorizing the rules for the World Cup each day makes essay writing very easy. Practicing multiple-choice questions using the Under-Here-Therefore method made the MBE much, much easier. I would highly recommend the 10-day Group Coaching course to anyone.”

— Vijay Bhagwati
(Indian attorney) (Member, New York Bar)


“Passing the New York State bar exam takes a lot of very intensive studying, diligence, organization and dedication. Even that is not quite enough for a lot of bar candidates and many end up looking for a magic textbook or outlines or charts that will painlessly and swiftly get them the pass mark for the bar exam and through the door of the New York State Bar Association.

Here is some bad news: such magic course or method simply does not exist! I have searched high and low for it! But do not despair! The next best thing is Dr. Mary Campbell Gallagher and her BarWrite courses. If you give Dr. Gallagher’s course the requisite time and attention, embrace her methods fully and follow her recommendations precisely, she will supply you with the necessary tools, strategies and systems to raise your scores on your bar exam essays, MBE and MPT.

“I am a foreign-trained legal professional and a full-time working mother of two. Also, I am a July 2009 New York bar exam passer. I must say I am a great believer in getting professional help and I thank my stars that I happened upon Dr. Gallagher’s website. Dr. Gallagher is a Professional with a capital P and I could not have passed the bar exam without her expert help.

I have attended her intensive 3-day essay boot camp, 1-day MPT boot camp (and these courses were very intensive) and a fair number of private telephone coaching sessions, and diligently followed all of her recommendations (including the various memorization tasks, writing a number of practice MPTs and dozens of practice essays, and doing hundreds of MBE questions). A combination of the boot camp courses, private tuition, organizational, scheduling and well-being advice gave me the edge and dramatically improved my scores. I must say that Dr. Gallagher’s classes come with a share of hard work. You need to be physically and mentally ready for that.

On a bright side, her refreshing creative ideas filled every session with fun. Yes, you have heard it right — FUN! Dr. Gallagher has a fantastic sense of humor! She is also an encouraging and engaging bar exam tutor who actually cares about her students’ success (and well-being). I believe her secret lies in how much she loves her work and her dedication to training bar exam candidates! Thank you, Dr. Gallagher, for enabling me to achieve my goal! “

— Olga Pulickal
(English solicitor) (Passed July 2009 bar exam)


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BARWRITE® THREE-DAY NEW YORK ESSAY AND ONE-DAY MPT BOOT CAMPS boost bar scores. “Dr. Gallagher takes the mass of information studied and teaches her students how to apply it effectively in essays.” Christina Valentine, Australian solicitor (Member, New York Bar).