Bar Exam Courses. The BarWrite bar prep courses are tightly targeted to the needs of LLMs and retkers.

Bar Exam Courses: The BarWrite® Difference

BarWrite®’s courses for the UBE are not just accelerated or rescheduled versions of courses designed for American JDs taking the exam for the first time. These BarWrite® bar review courses are supplemental courses engineered to teach foreign-trained lawyers and retakers how to conquer the bar exam.

Our bar prep courses teach students how to raise their scores on the three component tests of the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE). That is, the MPT, the essays and the MBE. 


BarWrite®’s 10-Day UBE Intensive: MPT, MBE, and Essays

•  10-Day week-end supplemental and retakers NYC course: key law, systems, feedback
•  World Cup Rules™ that are easy to memorize.
•  Legal Writing the American Way, with simple templates, explanations, and feedback
• “Swiss Army knife” systems for the MPT! We are the MPT Systems Specialists!
•  For Retakers and for LLMs enrolled in full bar-review courses
•  The advantages of private tutoring at a small fraction of the cost



BarWrite®’s 4-Day BAR Camps: MPT and Essays

THE MULTISTATE PERFORMANCE TEST (MPT): You will spend one and one-half days learning and practicing efficient systems and tactics for completing the law-office tasks that are tested on the MPT.

  • You will learn to complete MPT tasks on time.
  • In addition, you will receive your own copy of the highly-acclaimed MPT study guide Perform Your Best on the Bar Exam Performance Test (MPT), by Dr. Mary Campbell Gallagher. It gives you templates for common law office tasks, plus twelve actual MPT tasks, sample answers, and explanations.

UBE ESSAYS: “Put legal writing on auto-pilot.” You will spend two and one-half days mastering legal essay-writing the American way.

  • You will memorize the most basic law for the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) essay subjects, the famous “World Cup Rules.”
  • In addition, you will receive NCBE-licensed outlines of all the law for the Uniform Bar Examination essays, plus the famous “World Cup Rules.”
  • And you will learn systems to manage time on bar exam essays: time is a special challenge if English is not your first language.



BarWrite®’s 2-Day MPT Crash Course

The 2-Day MPT Crash Course trains you for the part of the bar exam that counts for 20 per cent of the score on the Uniform Bar Exam. It is the two simulated law-office tasks called the Multistate Performance Test (MPT). Each task must be completed inside 90 minutes. Many candidates find it the most challenging part of the bar exam.

The Multistate Performance Test (MPT). The 2-Day MPT Crash Course teaches you how to organize your research and finish the MPT within the time allowed. Every student in the Crash Course receives a copy of Dr. Mary Campbell Gallagher’s highly-acclaimed study guide Perform Your Best on the Bar Exam Performance Test (MPT). 



1-On-1 Coaching: MPT, MBE, and Essays

Dr. Gallagher and her assistants work one-on-one with a
 few bar candidates for personalized bar exam coaching.
 Mary Campbell Gallagher, J.D. (Harvard), Ph.D., is the
 expert who literally wrote the book on the bar exam. 
First came Scoring High on Bar Exam Essays, which the 
St. John’s Law School Forum called possibly “the best money you can spend on bar exam preparation.” Now comes her highly-acclaimed new book, Perform Your Best
on the Bar Exam Performance Test (MPT): Train to Finish the MPT in 90 Minutes “Like a Sport™.” Prince C. Chambliss, Jr., former president of the
 Tennessee Board of Law Examiners said, “Mary Campbell Gallagher has set
 a new standard in bar exam preparation materials.”



BarWrite 6-Day MBE Boot Camp: MBE Only

For: 49 States With MBE
Covers: Basics of Most-Tested MBE Topics, and MBE Study Systems for Strongest Score Results
Starts: Saturday, June 3, 2017

WEEK-END DAYS, 48 Hours of Intensive Classroom MBE Testing and Telephone Mentoring to Raise Your Scores Systematically
Location: Fashion Institute of Technology, 27th Street and 7th Avenue, Manhattan.
Includes: Finz Multistate Method for the MBE
Includes: Skill-Building for Most-Tested MBE Topics, Contracts Topics, Negligence, Con Law Topics, Crim Law/Pro Topics, Real Property Topics, and Civil Procedure Topics

Includes: Telephone Mentoring for Systems Mastery

Includes: MBE Pre-Test and Re-Test to Measure Progress



What is the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE)?

The three components of the Uniform Bar Exam are as follows. (i) The Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) is a full-day, 200-question, multiple-choice test on seven legal fields. These are Contracts and UCC Article 2, Torts, Federal Civil Procedure, Real Property, Evidence, Constitutional Law, and Criminal Law and Procedure. (ii) The Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) is six essay questions that the candidate answers within three hours. In addition to the seven MBE subjects, MEE essay subjects may come from Family Law and Trusts and Decedents’ Estates. They may also come from Secured Transactions (UCC Article 9), Agency and Partnership, and Conflicts of Laws.

(iii) The two Multistate Performance Test (MPT) tasks are simulations of real practice tasks in a law office. The candidate performs two tasks within 180 minutes. Both the MPT and the MEE may include issues of Professional Responsibility. Dr. Gallagher is the author of Perform Your Best on the Bar Exam Performance Test (MPT). It presents Dr. Gallagher’s unique system for the MPT, including the MPT-Matrix. It is the only study guide containing analyses of NCBE Multistate Performance Test tasks available on the market.