8-Day Intensive (formerly 10-Day) –Are You a Retaker or an LLM Who Wants an Effective One-Stop LIVE NYC Class for the MBE, MPT, and Essays? Are you taking an online bar-prep course and you need human colleagues? Start May 26, 2019!

•  8-Day week-end supplemental and retakers NYC course: key law, systems, feedback
•  World Cup Rules™ that are easy to memorize.
•  Legal Writing the American Way, with simple templates, explanations, and feedback
• “Swiss Army knife” systems for the MPT! We are the MPT Systems Specialists!
•  For Retakers and for LLMs enrolled in full bar-review courses
•  The advantages of private tutoring at a small fraction of the cost

Enroll in the 8-Day Intensive
(Three Payment

Tuition: $337 each of three payments
(Second and third payments are taken
 automatically at 30-day intervals.)
This special discount ends May 18, 2019
 (Regular tuition is $1677 or three $567 payments)
Name: 8-Day UBE Intensive
For:  LLMs and Retakers
Covers: MPT, MBE, and Essays
Hours: 8:45am to 4pm each day
Where: Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), 7th Ave. & 27th St,
at the 28th Street stop of the “1” line

Given: May 26, 2019, June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, July 7 and 14
Starts: Saturday, Sunday, May 26, 2019
Course Materials: Provided at the class

At 10-Day Bar Review, Jason Andrews, JD, Cooley Law School, July 2015 Winner, World Cup of Memorization

Enroll in the 8-Day Intensive
(One payment
Jason Andrews, JD, Cooley Law School, July 2015 Winner, World Cup of Memorization

Register by May 18!
Discount Tuition is only $977!

Regular tuition is $1677

“Dr. Gallagher’s system to pass the UBE bar exam is far superior to any commercial bar prep out there. I wish I took Dr. Gallagher’s class from the starting line. The class material is short and sweet for memorization. Dr. Gallagher has unmatched ability to predict the MEE topics on the upcoming exam. IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!”
— Han Li, Albany Law School, Passed the July 2017 UBE in New York

“Dr. Gallagher is a Bar genius!!  A work colleague recommended this class to me and it exceeded my expectations.  From the memorization, to analyzing MBE questions, to finishing the essays/MPTs on time, BarWrite prepares you for everything.  This class pushes you to your limits and more, helping you achieve your final goal: a passing grade!”

— Maria Ochoa,  Fordham Law School LLM,  Passed the July 2017 UBE in New York

“The score-raising intensity of private tutoring at a small fraction of the cost.”

In addition to courses, BarWrite offers one-on-one coaching in-person or by Skype plus on-site MPT courses.

All enrolled students: You Can Add Two Hours of 1-on-1 Coaching With Our Bar Exam Tutors

1-on-1 Coaching: $587
Support your BarWrite® bar exam preparation with an
 additional two hours of 1-on-1 coaching.


Alumni of the 8-Day Intensive
Regular alumni tuition is $687.00.


The BarWrite® Difference

BarWrite® courses for the UBE are not simply accelerated or rescheduled versions of standard bar review courses for JDs. BarWrite® offers short courses specifically designed for foreign-educated lawyers and retakers. They teach students how to raise their scores on the component tests of the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE). The BarWrite® courses are high-intensity supplements to full bar-review courses. Every Barwrite® course is engineered for maximum score-boosting effectiveness.

“First, I tried all the other bar courses. I sat through one full bar course, plus the other six-day and the other three-day MBE courses, plus one other retaker course, plus two other essay courses… Finally, I took the ten-day BarWrite® coaching group, and it was the only course that made me feel prepared for the New York bar exam.”
—Stephanie Weiss, Brooklyn Law School (Member, New York Bar)

With BarWrite® you need not guess at “what they want,” and you need not “give the exam a shot.” You can go into the exam knowing that you are ready to pass.


QUESTIONS? Write to Staff@BarWrite.com or call 212-327-2817

Enroll today and qualify for $50 off regular tuition for online MBE tool Adaptibar

At BarWrite Bar Review, Ruben Davidoff, LLB, Russia, LLM, Touro Law Center, Member, New York Bar

Ruben Davidoff, LLB, Russia, LLM, Touro Law Center, Member, New York Bar

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