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Efficient Memo-Writing CLE for Junior Lawyers

Using Dr. Gallagher’s book

Write Fast Legal Memos Like a Sport™


3 hours of New York State CLE “Skills” Credit

• Learn to organize legal memos FAST!
• SAVE valuable billable hours for yourself and your supervisors!
• Get to be more “PRACTICE-READY”!
• Make foundational tasks into GOOD HABITS!
• It’s like “shooting hoops” for basketball players!

In the new BarWrite® CLE course How to Write Legal Memos “Like a Sport™ you will practice using basic memo-writing skills and strengthen your mastery of good memo-writing organizing and writing systems.

You will receive new information on writing good memos, plus the new CLE textbook How to Write Legal Memos “Like a Sport™ . In law school you learned to write memos like a craft, slowly, with at most one memo to show at the end of the semester. You learned craft, but you did not build habits. This new BarWrite CLE class How to Write Legal Memos “Like a Sport™ , will show you how to practice the same skills over and over, the way basketball players practice shooting hoops. You can develop good habits for quickly and efficiently producing law office memoranda.

In this class, you will use the new CLE text for practicing lawyers How to Write Legal Memos “Like a Sport™”, which includes six (6) case sets from Dr. Gallagher’s study guide Perform Your Best on the Bar Exam Performance Test (MPT). Students rave about it.

“I learned there is a real method for organizing this abundant material.”
—Gina Redrovan, Member, New York Bar

“Your method allowed me to focus on what was important and leave out what wasn’t You gave me the skills to outline and compile the information quickly and completely.”
—Kelly Fowler, Member, Utah Bar

INSTRUCTOR: Mary Campbell Gallagher, J.D., Ph.D., writing expert.


TIME: 9am to 1pm


NOTICE OF CHANGES: We’ll give you abundant advance notice of any changes in our plans, and of course you’ll get a refund if you let us know a couple of weeks ahead that you can’t make it.

TUITION: The regular tuition on the day of class for non-alumni
will be $247.00. Early enrollment tuition is $150.00.

ALUMNI TUITION: For BarWrite alumni, tuition is just 127.00. Early enrollment tuition is $77.00, less than half the regular tuition.


CLE CREDIT. You may ask, What about CLE credit? We’ve thought of that, and we have New York State CLE approval for three (3) hours of “Skills” credit.


Discounts will be available for early enrollment.

enrollTuition is $247.00
(Early enrollment only $150)

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BarWrite Alumni

enrollRegular alumni tuition is $150.00.

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